Weekend Ruminations #2

Continuing the weekly tradition of random tidbits of atheist/skeptical thinking…


Pope John Paul II has been beatified and is on the way to sainthood. Sex abuse scandals be damned; the guy supposedly healed a nun of Parkinson’s disease (even though she was never officially diagnosed with anything)! Sounds to me like the sainthood standards are pretty low…


Despite popular misconceptions, atheists really aren’t all that bad. Says the atheist: duh. Says the evangelical Christian: it doesn’t matter how good they are – they’re still not saved, so to hell with them (literally). It’s a great article, but I don’t expect it to change any minds.


When I told one of my Catholic coworkers that I’d had my Easter dinner at a Chinese buffet, she (jokingly) said it sounded like I was basically Jewish. (She knows I’m an atheist.) I wondered for a while if this would actually bother someone who is Jewish; among the Jewish people I do know, it’s a pretty common tradition to spend Christian holidays when everything is shut down at Chinese restaurants (which tend not to close).


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