New debate to watch: “Atheists are wrong”

This should be fun!

In case you haven’t heard of it: Intelligence Squared (IQ2) is a multinational series of public debates held on often controversial subjects touching issues like race, religion, sexuality, and politics. They’ve got a great backlog of debates featuring prominent speakers from all across the spectrum.

On September 6, IQ2 Australia held a debate over the proposition “Atheists are wrong.” Here’s the summary:

Having been persecuted as a dangerous minority for centuries, in recent years the champions of atheism have achieved celebrity status around the world. Atheists have been quick to point to the evils done in the name of religion and to claim that their criticism of religion is grounded in the demands of reason. Their opponents have championed faith as a source of inspiration and as an essential aspect of the human condition. However, beyond rhetorical skirmishes, in the end, just one fundamental question must be answered: does God exist?

The video isn’t available yet, but when it is, it’ll be online here. I’ve never heard of any of the speakers, which should make it interesting to watch. In any case, judging from the pre- and post-debate audience poll results, it should be interesting to watch; the pro-proposition group decreased slightly, the undecideds almost vanished, and anti-proposition group jumped by 10%.

IQ2 has featured a few debates on the subject of atheism/religion in the past, three of which (on the propositions “We would be better off without religion”, “The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world”, and “Atheism is the new fundamentalism”) are available to watch online. I highly recommend them all.


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