I get… WTF?? – UPDATE: The WTF continues.

While browsing Reddit today, I came across a person claiming to have an unbiased source in the ‘fracking’ debate – a YouTube video with a rather hyperbolic description about how fracking was going to poison everyone and that companies that did it have blood on their hands. I pointed out this comment to the person linking to the video, saying it was hardly unbiased, and linking to the Skeptoid episode on fracking. This is the response I got (copied in case he deletes it later):

Clever Holmes. I didn’t even read that comment as I was interested in the vid – not in the up-loader. I only found the vid after searching for an alternate account of Fracking history. The comment’s full vitriolic content (perhaps deserved now that you shine a light for me to reflect on) is not immediately available unless you click to fully view it. Nice way to distract from the actual accounts in the vid and deflect any real accountability for facts by instead fanning opinions. I mean you can do that – but don’t fool yourself into thinking that it isn’t obvious.

Yeah – I can see you better now…how internal fears motivate to excuse you from owning up to a deadly game…which is my principle compliant here – the desire to promote a questionable practice by hyping status indulgent virtues at the expense of an honest interest in clarifying the cost of safety history or any dialog of compassionate accountability to human beings.

Are you the sham…or at least as complacent as you seem to be?

But let’s pause and take a step back for a moment and explore…if you are game…what is happening as I write and as you read this through the bridge of time’s arrow. Let’s do a thought experiment. I will type two letters below:

b a

Which one represents you and which one represents me? Since I will refrain from choosing it could be either. You might choose b because it comes first? However a comes before b in the alpha-bet so you might choose that one. a could also represent “Alpha” – as in “Alpha Male” or perhaps the significance of “Acropolis”. Still – b appears first in this case so it could represent “Better” or “”Brave” or “Baring Sea” for that matter – a multitude of possibilities!

All that can be said is that at this moment as you read this both letters are pairing to represent you and I as a suggestion in both of our minds.

So what is the significance of that? It is a suggestion that for these moments as your eyes transfer electrical signals from your computer to your brain and then form potential meaning in your psyche we share a tentative point of sameness. A swirling uncertainly perhaps akin to a psychic (classical definition – not necessarily “clairvoyance”) zero-point.

Now here is where it gets really interesting – as these two letters tell a peculiar story:

One of these letters has seen astonishing beauty – the kind that that reaches into your soul and could make you nearly weep for love and gratitude in the dead of a hollow night or even in the light of a warm sun. However so has the other letter – just not quite in the same way…a different assortment of contexts, elements and people create a different yet comparable story.

One of these letters has seen tragedy…horror in fact. Human beings lain waist due to greed, lies and ignorance. So has the other though – just not in the same way – different players and different faces in a haunting gallery of sorrowful remembrance. They both deal with these things as best as they can in ways that they can only hope are reliable.

Both letters are survivors…sitting there bold in a quantum state of electronic and human interface. They share similarities…coming from a common origin – yet also in truth are distinctly different and given to quite different accomplishments in potential and realized meaning. Is one better than the other? What an absurd notion – yet truly at times one is in fact distinctly better than the other to perform a specific task and accomplish a specific meaning.

One of these letters harbors…fear. Fear of going down the wrong road and making the wrong turn at the wrong time – the potential for catastrophic disaster as events and issues compound in a would of uncertainty and the possibility of new or revisited horror. And the other letter? Does it have greater or less fear? Hard to say as fear comes and goes sometimes unbidden following natural laws that echo the poetry of an indifferent cruel Fukushima tide.

It is an unsettling world these letters occupy – but not without hope or wonder. Which letter has the greater responsibility in affecting the other? Well that certainly seems like a very odd mystery of uncertain depth.

One of the letters hopes that the beauty of humanity will shine through and illuminate the other (well in this little play anyway) and that some truth will bring both letters to a better world. How does the other letter feel? Is fear too dominant in the other? The memory of delusion, pain and ungodly hubris too powerful?

I don’t choose a letter. I am content to let you ponder this – assuming you have read this far. If it makes us to briefly occupy common ground for a few moments I find it interesting – as an improvised thought experiment.

Choose your letter dear Infidel. Choose wisely – whether fueled by the forces of economically beneficial fact or whimsy drunk fiction…might it be the most pivotal choice of your life?

a link b?

b link a?




UPDATE: I’ve gotten responses!

LOL – Fast reader! I saw your downvote almost as soon as I posted.

I don’t claim that the NWO “BS” is legit. I have no personal experience with NWO evidence (well actually I do have a friend that ran a gig at the Bohemian Grove – which I contemplated attending before I understood what it was). But I have seen that these moonbat base zero ideas have become more popular as those who make claims insist that they be taken seriously. For myself it occupies the similar territory as the other link as a kind of social mythology – which depending on the character can be benign or malefic. They both have elements of absurdity – yet also elements of economic curiosity as BG is a fan fueled machine of note and the one making all the claims about NWO in the article is none other than Benjamin Fulford – former editor for the Asia-Pacific region of Forbes Magazine.The article is the transcript of a recording which is available on the same page.

I have seen these ideas come into prominence and must say that they certainly are disturbing.

What I find humorous however is that we have switched sides – you feel more justified in insulting me as an apparent fool and I feel less willing to do it back. Insults can be entertaining as a means to provoke engagement but since the road is now wider I find it less compelling…for now. 🙂

To answer your question about Fracking I find it seriously ugly and fraught with dangers. I think many people mean well when pursuing this sort of thing but in truth we are in a crisis of accountability – as the value of regulating human incompetence becomes an ever more ponderous debate. I would say strict regulation is the way to go – but perhaps to see Fracking disappear entirely is where the greater truth resides. You certainly are not its greatest advocator…though you are free to continue your painfully slapstick comedy of errors-of-focus.

I think you sense you are on a leaky ship though – or else your rebuttals would have more obvious integrity.

And my rebuttals? Well I’m a layman Holmes. 60 minutes took a dump on your baby – it’s up to you to get it to the bathwater and pull it out again all the better. I can say its ugly and a mere changeling. Just my opinion Holmes though I think many would have more damning testimony.

Anyway – I find the issue of energies of the future a compelling contemplation. Particularly as those crowds eager for moonbat ideas get even… louder and wilderHolmes.

You can claim I’m incoherent all you like…but I can see I got your goat and it is awake and kicking.

I responded: “The fact that you think an idea’s popularity makes it more compelling is called the Argument from Popularity. You are not mentally well. Please seek psychiatric attention.”

Maybe that was harsh. Probably not, considering the final response:

Well actually there are different aspects of these movements that I find “compelling” – their popularity being only one of them.

In regards to these new loud and more articulate proclamations from American ex-government and military officials that E.T.s have participated with government in both benign and malefic ways (there is a sector that has a rich horrific Reptilian dialog that Lewis C.K. satires in his confrontation with Rumsfeld) I find it principally compelling as a producer, writer and artist in the sci- fi genre. It is a rich source of contemplation about how humanity continues to try to make sense of reality. The various cultures that make up Exopolitical dialogs provide insight into the peculiar processes of how human beings define reality. Indeed – you might find it either humorous or terrifying that Israel has an active Exopoltical community fueled by recent peculiar events – be they genuine or complex talented hoaxes.

The popularity of these movements is a compelling aspect as a social force – an element of concern that for some generates enthusiasm and creativity and for others induces hostility and fear. I can understand both reactions. Yet I don’t think that by observing these movements, however persuasive their articulations may be, it means I must therefore subscribe to them. Observation and contemplation does not necessarily produce or necessitate a state of conviction. I can not honestly say I have conviction that these movements are ultimately credible as representing factual contact. I can only recognize that they at times offer creative questions and ideas and that there is a growing number who insist that contact is now active – in fact that key elements of a quarantine have been lifted and remaining elements are in process of negotiation. These are not my stories nor my claims. They are the voice of an articulate and significantly influential, perhaps now powerful, social force.

If each group was confronted in such a way as to reveal the mechanisms of fraud and lies I would be welcome to it – provided that the confrontations are intelligent and Nonviolent or otherwise not suppressive and yielded amiable results. Yet even then, following exposure of frauds, their mythology would still be compelling as a source of creativity – as after all even if there is no life nor communication beyond earthly human intelligence we are nevertheless consigned to be propelled eternally into a mysterious and challenging future. Already we can see that human culture has taken a decided turn toward new perceptions of collective reality through technology.

But I admit I am toying with you. You haven’t really impressed me much with your ability to process or articulate your own views about the future of humanity. I would welcome it at this point. For now I am grateful to have the opportunity to articulate at least to myself the – yes, compelling – issues of current Exopolitics.

I’ll leave you with this video thought – which perhaps you have seen – as on offering of some room for common ground…or space as it were.

btw – I admit this dialog held some potential interest for me from the start due to recent claims that new energy technologies are gradually being released independently to the masses. Though I haven’t studied them yet it certainly would be wonderful to say goodbye once-and-for-all to the ugly tolls and crimes that Fracking and other sources have exacted on innocent people and on our collective home. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? 😀

Thank you for being so stimulating. Your concern and articulation (such as it is) actually does speak well of you after I preferred to display my distrust and resentment of your views…not to say that I now share them of course.

I hope in these current and ongoing challenges that  we collectively face that prosperity and hope guides your way in peace, creativity and wonder.

oh – do not be deceived – the view count on that last vid (Global Revolution) reflects only one post among many that have circulated for I think over a year now. It is sometimes shown with enthusiastic response on this channel:


enjoy! 🙂

Oh dear…


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