Hating trans people: it’s not okay.

There’s a fascinating article over in The Telegraph about a trans man who gave birth to a son. It’s a nice story, apart from a couple bizarrely bigoted statements from “medical ethics experts.” But what they say is hardly the worst of it.

Western society seems to be slowly but surely growing more accepting of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, but the ‘T’ of ‘LGBT’ seems to still be open to massive bigotry and scorn. The comments to this article reveal this disturbing, vitriolic, and baffling resistance to acceptance of trans people:

So is the telegraph a tabloid or a she-male propaganda rag?

“She-male”! Oh, how pithy.

First wrong assumption.  “The man”….
And you call yourselves reporters?

Sorry; should they check someone’s genitals and chromosomes before giving them a gender label? And even then, would it matter?

Based on my limited understanding, in order to get pregnant and give birth, one must have ovaries, fallopian tubes, a vagina, and various and sundry other parts.  That, by definition, is a woman, no?  What other definition of a woman is more definitive?

The correct answer is “it doesn’t matter, you don’t get to define other people.” If he considers himself a man, then for all intents and purposes, he’s a man. Honestly, I don’t understand why it’s even relevant. Unless you plan on treating people differently on the basis of gender, it’s not even relevant to you. Moreover, physical sex and gender are not the same thing.

The issue is not the elective self mutilation of the woman concerned, but her extreme selfishness in then having a baby to raise in her weird world.

Yes… it’s so selfish to want to raise the baby. Wanting to take care of another human being is so selfish.

Does this person have XY chromosomes?  A male pelvic girdle?  Male reproductive organs?  Would a forensic pathologist identify the body as that of a male?  She calls herself a man, but what exactly makes her a man?  If she were to decide that she is a donkey, would she then become a donkey?

What makes HIM a man is that he is a man. He did not feel like he was a woman. His mind worked like a man’s. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have to justify his identity to you.

The hateful and nasty world this poor child has entered was entirely brought to them by the irrational choices made by that woman pretending to be a man and expecting rational people to support HER foolish choices. It’s unfathomable that so many odd ducks out there expect that everyone around them should just jump onto the loony wagon with them and say “hooray, you’re normal” when in fact, they are mentally challenged.  This isn’t “hate” speech.  It’s reality.

Did you get that? The hate and bigotry that the man and his son face can’t be blamed on the haters or the bigots; it’s his fault for having chosen to have gender dysphoria.

The comments just get worse from here. It’s sickening.

I’ve seen this kind of bigotry among atheists and skeptics, too. We’re all eager to jump on board the equality train when it comes to people who are cisgender. But when we hear about trans people, it suddenly becomes a curiosity or a joke.

These are not men and women “pretending” to be the opposite gender any more than homosexuality is “pretending” to be attracted to the same sex. Seriously, people, we need to cut this shit out. It’s not okay. It needs to stop.


One thought on “Hating trans people: it’s not okay.

  1. Kurian..Of Borg

    I think it's highly improbably that the one and only mental problem they have is a gender identity crisis. There's bound to be a host of other problems, some probably caused by growing up with the wrong body for years. Natural selection causes a biological repulsion to abnormalities, which in this case is probably compounded with pheromones from a body with the wrong physical sex. Say what you may but unless you're also transgender or have relevant fetishes, you do not want to date someone and find out they're physically not what they say they are.

    Being civilized means being tolerant of abnormalities and being indiscriminate as the law states, but no way in hell can you tell an average man to date a transgender woman and force them to feel perfectly normal about it. You have to be sensitive to people's biological instincts. Transgenders have to be sensitive to the repercussions of their decisions such as having a child.

    This isn't the 24th century where all human socioeconomic problem have been eradicated. This child has been condemned from birth. His life is ruined. He will be considered the black sheep in his family. His class mates will rip him a new one everyday at school. He'll be considered un-marriageable material because is family are considered "freaks". You do NOT have a child under these circumstances.


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