Monthly Archives: March 2012

Fastest deconversion ever?

Eight days ago, a lifelong Christian posted on Reddit’s /r/atheism forum, saying that he was going to spend a week trying to think like an atheist, so he could get to better understand our perspective. Yesterday, he wrote a follow-up post summarizing the experience. In short: he no longer considers himself a Christian, distrusts the authority of the Bible, and has tons of questions (about his own Christian beliefs) left unanswered.

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I’ll be at the Reason Rally!

For a while now, I’ve basically been planning not to be at the Reason Rally. Not for lack of trying – I reserved a spot on a bus about a month and a half ago, but until there were enough reservations, the bus wasn’t actually confirmed. Seeing how up until yesterday we still needed 11 more people to sign up – and the rally is this Saturday – I had resigned myself to experiencing it vicariously through people who went.

But what do I see when I hop on Facebook today?


You’re damn right I like this! I reserved long enough ago that I got my ticket with the discount. $45 is getting me down to DC and back in style. Woot! Many thanks to CDHS!