Fastest deconversion ever?

Eight days ago, a lifelong Christian posted on Reddit’s /r/atheism forum, saying that he was going to spend a week trying to think like an atheist, so he could get to better understand our perspective. Yesterday, he wrote a follow-up post summarizing the experience. In short: he no longer considers himself a Christian, distrusts the authority of the Bible, and has tons of questions (about his own Christian beliefs) left unanswered.

It’s really a startling change; I wouldn’t have expected someone to turn around so quickly on something they’d spent a lifetime believing. But it certainly seems like that has happened:

My life has turned upside down. Part of me hates that I chose to do this. The first thing that came to mind when everything started to sink in was Cypher in The Matrix when talking to Agent Smith over a nice steak dinner. “Ignorance is bliss.” I don’t know what I would choose as of right now if I had the ability to wipe the slate clean and start over. Bite back into that juicy steak like it’s 8 days ago. If offered a red pill or blue pill right now though, I would be inclined to swallow the red pill. Sorry to digress into a Matrix Metaphor. I want real. No matter how bad real tastes. …

I just have too many overwhelming doubts as of right now. It isn’t a black and white conclusion. But I find it very unlikely that I can go back to fully believing in Christianity and God. They may be doubts, but they’re important doubts. I’m just acknowledging that I have reached somewhat of a “point of no return.” I still have a long road ahead of me and I’m sure it will be much more gradual than this intense week.

His posts and following comments make for interesting reading. I just hope that he carries on with his questions and never loses his hunger for reality.


2 thoughts on “Fastest deconversion ever?

    1. MikeTheInfidel Post author

      Not sure. I'd be interested to see what sort of effect it could have if done on a large scale.


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