Video of Matt Dillahunty’s Binghamton Debate

The video has finally made it online! As promised, here’s Matt’s debate with Jay Lucas, which I recapped earlier. Unfortunately, the audio is a little crappy, but I haven’t managed to find it anywhere else.



2 thoughts on “Video of Matt Dillahunty’s Binghamton Debate

  1. DIFowner

    Oh yes by all means, let us applaud the contribution of the Church to the preservation of civilization through the dark ages. That is if we have selective amnesia and conveniently forget the church's direct contributions to the creation of the dark ages. Let's see… shall we discuss the affects of the distruction of the Great Library of Alexandria by the Cyrus the Bishop of Alexandria and his cretin followers in the name of christianity, on the development of civilization for the subsequent 1000 years?


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