Monthly Archives: August 2012

It’s really quite simple.

A local public school has recently attracted the attention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation for teaching a song that made explicit mentions of ‘God’ and ‘Lord’ to elementary-aged kids. As the article mentions, previous case law has specifically identified the song, “Thank You for The World So Sweet,” as being a prayer. This should really be an open-and-shut case.

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Shame on you, Google.

Atheist blogger Justin Vacula is in a bit of a quandary.

You see, Justin recently wrote a post about his dissention from Amy Davis Roth’s (SurlyAmy’s) position on anti-harassment policies at skeptical/atheist conventions. Whether or not you agree with either of them isn’t really the point of this post; I don’t know enough about the whole discussion to know what the situation is here. But that’s completely irrelevant.

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And people wonder why charter schools shouldn’t get taxpayer funding…

From the folks over at ThinkProgress – Delhi Charter School in Delhi, Louisiana has a serious problem with pregnant students. That’s not to say that there’s an epidemic of teen pregnancy at the school; rather, they had a policy in place which forced girls to submit to a pregnancy test on demand, and if the test was positive or the girls refused to take the test, they were ejected from the school.

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You bet it can.

Fascinating and terrifying stuff: “Can Religion Justify Bullying Children?” (a talk by Sean Faircloth.) If you’ve got a spare half hour or so, I highly recommend giving this a watch. Never let it be said that fundamentalist Christianity isn’t a threat to nonbelievers or believers of other stripes.