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Pray if you must, but actually do something, too.

One of my friends was recently diagnosed with a relapse of breast cancer. All her Facebook friends are pledging her their prayers. That’s all well and good, but like the saying goes, prayer and an aspirin will cure your headache.

As an atheist, of course, I don’t pray. I know it won’t do any real good. But I still have an urge to show some sort of sign of commiseration  with my friend. “Sending good thoughts” isn’t much better; it’s just another way of saying “praying” without getting a god into it. On that note, I’ll be making a donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, since a good portion of their funds actually go toward research, education, and patient care. I urge everyone who can to donate something, because at this point, it’s basically a given that you have known, currently know, or will know someone with breast cancer. Our money can do real good in this case.