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My blog got wiped…

Well, this sucks. My blog, which was originally hosted by ThinkAtheist, was totally erased with no warning whatsoever. That means that all the photos I uploaded to that page are gone, too. So if you’re browsing through my archives, any posts from before today will have no photos in them at all. Sigh.

I’ve moved!

Thanks to hosting from the great folks at ThinkAtheist, I’ve moved my blog from its old place at Blogspot into my new domain name ( It’s all part of my Master Plan™ to start posting more regularly and to try to contribute more to the atheist ‘community’.

If you’re not already a member at ThinkAtheist, I’d definitely recommend signing up. It’s a great place to discuss just about anything with other freethinkers, from science and philosophy to politics and video games.