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Alpha Course Redux: Week #6

I almost didn’t make it this week. My job has been keeping me busy late into the evening lately, though hopefully that’ll be ending soon. In any case, I missed out on both dinner and the video, but the small group chat more than made up for that bit of disappointment. Finally, we hit on a few meaty subjects!

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Alpha Course Redux: Week #4

Last week, I missed the course because I had to work late. I got a voice mail from my small group discussion leader, who expressed a sincere desire for me to come back. I think he might’ve been afraid that the wee bit of confrontation we had in week 2 scared me off. I’m made of sterner stuff than that, of course.

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Alpha Course Redux: Week #2

I just got back from my second week of my second Alpha Course, and boy… was tonight ever different than last week. Another nice dinner with friendly chitchat; another cheerful singalong; a somewhat insipid video; and a much more lively conversation than before. We had a new member of the group, and we lost a member, so it balanced out. But I’ll get to that soon enough – first, the video.

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Alpha Course Redux: Week #1

I was blogging about attending an Alpha Course. Then I upgraded my laptop’s hard drive, and lost a bunch of recordings in the process. Then I found a backup, but it’d already been months since I took the course… and it was a pain to try to remember everything we talked about.

So… I’m doing it again. But this time, I’ll be blogging each week immediately following the meeting.

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