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Capital Pride Festival 2013

My meetup group, Capital Region Atheists & Agnostics, will be at this year’s Capital Pride Festival on June 9 at Washington Park in Albany. If you’re in the area, drop by and say hello! I’ve got a bunch of atheism and LGBT-related goodies to give away to people at the event.

Last year, we had a few delightful religious nutjobs protesting the Pride Parade. One of them was even someone I recognized from the Reason Rally! The kooks sure do get around.

P.S.: I’m still alive! I don’t update this nearly as much as I ought to because I’m getting most of my atheism-related frustration out on Reddit nowadays…

Video of Matt Dillahunty’s Binghamton Debate

The video has finally made it online! As promised, here’s Matt’s debate with Jay Lucas, which I recapped earlier. Unfortunately, the audio is a little crappy, but I haven’t managed to find it anywhere else.


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Debate Recap: “Does God Exist?” with Matt Dillahunty and Jay Lucas

Last night at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York, I carpooled over with a couple of friends from the Capital Region Atheists & Agnostics meetup to attend a debate between Matt Dillahunty, president of the Atheist Community of Austin and regular host/co-host of The Non-Prophets and The Atheist Experience, and Jay Lucas, an evangelical Christian apologist and director of The Isaac Backus Project, which is described as “an apologetics ministry dedicated to equipping and encouraging Christians to declare and defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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I’ll be at the Reason Rally!

For a while now, I’ve basically been planning not to be at the Reason Rally. Not for lack of trying – I reserved a spot on a bus about a month and a half ago, but until there were enough reservations, the bus wasn’t actually confirmed. Seeing how up until yesterday we still needed 11 more people to sign up – and the rally is this Saturday – I had resigned myself to experiencing it vicariously through people who went.

But what do I see when I hop on Facebook today?


You’re damn right I like this! I reserved long enough ago that I got my ticket with the discount. $45 is getting me down to DC and back in style. Woot! Many thanks to CDHS!