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In which the Huffington Post fails completely… again

Someone on the Facebook group for my local Atheist meetup posted a link to this story on the Huffington Post, asking for opinions. I obliged, replying with the following…

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Rabbi Adam Jacobs’ Odd Relationship with Logic

Over at the “good” ol’ Huffington Post, Rabbi Adam Jacobs of the Aish Center in Manhattan has been posting rather frequently lately on subjects of interest to atheists. He’s swung and missed a few times already, but two days ago he somehow managed to hit himself in the head with the bat.
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How to Build a Well-Stuffed Straw Man

John Shook, director of education and a senior research fellow for the Center for Inquiry – an organization that is typically friendly toward skepticism, critical thinking, and atheism – has written a scathing attack on … someone, I’m not entirely sure who, exactly … in the good ol’ HuffPo.
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